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Welcome to our website!

"Glashusene" is a co-housing community located in Trekroner, close to Roskilde which is about 30 minutes from Copenhagen by car.

Our co-housing community is based on the principles of:

  • sharing (from physical things like tools, trailer, trampolin and canoes to hobbies such a running, brewing beer, painting, skating etc.)
  • doing things for our community because we really want to and because it makes sense - and not because we have to
  • respecting each other's point of view and aiming to find ways and solutions that everybody can agree to
  • respecting our community but also our individual needs for privacy.

Glashusene consists of 30 families. Each family has its own house and, furthermore, we have a large community house that we share. In the community house, we have a large kitchen and most families meet three times every week in the community house as part of our "community dinner scheme". The community house is also where we have meetings, parties, watch movies, play etc.

Apart from a small lot outside each individual house, we share the rest of our property. We have sheds for bicycles and for drying clothes, and we have a playground, a small soccer field, a shelter, skating ramps etc. 

Directly translated, Glashusene means "The Glass Houses", and originally the idea was to build 30 homes in three huge green houses. For several reasons the original plan was never carried out and instead "Vandkunsten" (the architects) developed the houses that we live in today. We moved into Glashusene in June 2008.

If you have specific questions that you would like to ask, you are very welcome to send us an e-mail: Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.